Nels Ross Kids Comedy Show

The Lucille Ball Comedy Festival presents

Nels Ross Kids Comedy Show

Sat, August 5, 2017

1:30 pm

The Reg Lenna Center for the Arts


Comedic juggler Nels Ross will have your whole family laughing for days. Nels is loved by children and adults alike!

Nels Ross
Nels Ross

Nels Ross is a performer, speaker, and “Chief Executive Oddball” of In Jest, Inc. ( Working solo and with others, he provides “side-splitting, gravity-defying programs” for companies, schools, ministries, and more in North America and abroad.

His diverse background includes: studying mathematics, education, and theater at the University at Buffalo; touring with a non-profit circus; training with instructors from Ringling Brothers, Broadway, and Cirque du Soleil; writing for Juggle magazine; teaching performing arts courses and workshops; and performing and speaking for countless organizations and events.

When he is not entertaining, educating, or uplifting others, Nels enjoys life with his wife and five kids in western New York.*

That’s the short version. If you care to know more…

You Can Blame Mom

Since he was eight years old, Nels has pursued interests in physical comedy, juggling, acting, and other arts, applying his talents everywhere from street festivals to theatrical productions. His mother encouraged him. It’s not surprising when you consider that she was a mime and fire eater, among other things.

Working mostly by word of mouth and referrals, Nels has been performing and speaking professionally for more than two decades. “I’ve been blessed,” he relates, “Somehow I manage to keep busy, pay my bills, and feed my kids once a week.” Living out his faith, he also manages to bless others by giving and by doing reduced fee and volunteer work for special causes.†

New Name, Same Mission

Though his full name is Nels Ross Cremean, he started using Nels Ross for his stage name in 2010. “It’s easier for people to pronounce and remember,” he says, “Plus it confuses creditors and crazy relatives who keep trying to find me.”

Nels envisions a world where people everywhere enjoy life and do good. His personal mission is to spread joy and help others live, laugh, love, and learn. Thus, armed with his contagious sense of humor and playfulness, he continues to defy gravity – not just the physical force but undue graveness – because, he quips: “Too many people suffer from terminal seriousness.”
Venue Information:
The Reg Lenna Center for the Arts
116 E 3rd St.
Jamestown, NY, 14701